(N)OTH(ing) from me this thursday

aloha folks, unfortunately im busy this thursday. there’s a BEER FESTIVAL, and a MINT PUNK GIG on. so i’m goint to those instead. look this last few weeks has been a mindfuck. im kind of thankful of it because it’s more than my body’s had in a good while, that aside though, sunday i’ll be back to normal with a sportzdrone, and then back again on the 18th with the paper round/zeppelin.

and if you’re wondering about what’s taking over from the moonbase 3, i’m just going to tell you 3 things about it.
1) its canadian bollocks
2) it has Dan Aykroid presenting each bit
3) someone from Desmondton, and indeed Maljardin is making a return to our screens.

UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN (evil_laughter.wav not found)

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