Saturday SportsDrone

disclaimer: this is a one off, it’s not intended to shift this, just i managed to catch some sort of lurgy thats kept me in on this particular weekend, and there’s a shedload of actual sport on tomorrow too.

right then.
17:30 – King of Sports heat 5
made up sports make up this banal channel 5 shovelware project of a programme, but it is quite amusing.
18:00 – USWA 13/11/1993
more studio based wrestling action from memphis.
18:55 – Red Bull Soapbox Derby 2019 – london
the hill climbing was great, i miss there being actual coverage of it. but red bull have instead provided us with this monstrocity. expect daft vehicles, crashes etc.
20:25 – Extreme Robots 2024 – Guildford
they’ve stepped up their production game and made it watchable now (that’ll be glenn formerly of progress wrestling who’s sorted that then)
21:10 – Grand Sumo 2020 day 1&2
the world had something nasty, and this tournament took place without any spectators. i didn’t know NHK streamed it back then, so its new to me as well.
22:00 – Battletruck: warriors of the 21st century
we’ve had robots fighting,…


Socculchre (14.07.24)

This week, instead of a film, I’ll be showing the big fixture as are brave boys take on Spain in the final.

2.00 ECW Hardcore TV 25.05.93
2.50 Real Ghostbusters S01E07
3.15 Fort Boyard S03E03
4.00 Ninja Warrior S09E01
4.20 St. Elsewhere S03E09 Up on the Roof
5.05 Hill Street Blues S04E03 The Long Arm of the Law
5.55 Cagney & Lacey S05E08 Filial Duty
6.45 Miami Vice S03E08 Better Living Through Chemistry
8.00 Football


Mork & Mindy

Season 2 – Episode 24


The Addams Family

Season 1 – Episode 21


The Munsters

Season 1 – Episode 13


Arrested Devlopment

Season 1 – Episode 09



Season 7 – Episode 08



Season 3- Episode 18


Malcolm In The Middle

Season 7 – Episode 04


Eastbound And Down

Season 3 – Episode –03


South Park

Season 18 – Episode 03


It’s Gary Shandling

Series 2 – Episode 11


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 12 – Episode –03



Season 2- Episode 06


Look At Life

On The Record


Amazing Stories

Season 1 – Episode 08


The Old Devils

Episode 2



Season 3 – Episode 06


Doctor Who

The Hand Of Fear – Episode 3


Grange Hill

Series 10 – Episode 10


Dads Army

Series 2 – Episode 1


Swiss Toni

Series 2 – Episode 10



Series 14 – Episode 03 – Radio Control Car


Man Down

Series 1 – Episode 4


Inside Number 9

Series 6- Episode 5


Mortimer & Whitehouse – Gone Fishing

Series 4 = Episode 4


Task Master

Series 13 -Episode 09


Friday Night Dinner

Series 2- Episode 1



Series 1 – Episode 3



Series 3 – Episode 4


Friday Testcard

Some music and little startup films to take us up to the Friday Fundown at 4pm.

A special stream incorporating some gaming and library tunage, live coverage of the big fixture at 8pm, and some appropriately-themed retro TV – all rolled up into a tight, ball-shaped package for the edification of the CaB TV viewerbase. Vuvuzelas not provided.

18:00 – Sheepy’s opening caption and music.

18:05 – Thames TV morning start-up music.

18:10 – Pauline’s Quirkes S01E05 – More fun, attempted laughter, Flintlock and screaming. Legendary Thames announcer Philip Elsmore – whose voice you hear near the start of every stream – seems to have a bigger role than usual this week. First broadcast on Mon 13th Dec 1976 by ITV.

18:35Timeslip S01E06 – The Wrong End of Time E06/06When a young girl vanishes near a derelict naval station in St. Oswald, a fantastic series of events is set in motion which sends teenagers Simon Randall and Liz Skinner back in time to 1940 and the very night when the base was taken over by a group of German marines. First broadcast on Mon 2nd Nov 1970 by ITV. Previously shown on CABTV on the fourth Pleasant Phil_A Sunday – Sun 2019/09/01 at 5.20pm.

18:59 – Clangers (New) S02E01 – Round and RoundThis week,…


Sepulchre 54 (07.07.24)

This week’s film (which is in no way related to the previous evening’s feature) is Brewster’s Millions (1985), starring Richard Pryor and John Candy. In an adaptation of George Barr McCutcheon’s 1902 novel, Pryor stars as a minor league baseball player who must spend $30 million dollars in 30 days – with certain stipulations – in order to inherit $300 million from his great uncle.

4.00 Ninja Warrior S08E03
4.20 St. Elsewhere S03E08 Sweet Dreams
5.05 Hill Street Blues S04E02 Ba-bing, Ba-bing
5.55 Cagney & Lacey S05E07 Mothers & Sons
6.45 Miami Vice S03E07 El Viejo
7.30 Brewster’s Millions (1985)
9.00 The Micallef Pogram S03E04
9.25 Daria S04E10 Legends of the Mall
9.50 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S06E02 Dennis Gets Divorced


OTH SportzDrone

Artistic Billiards – players attempt a bunch of trickshots of varying difficulty

USWA – we’re into november. unless something big happens by the time we reach the end of 1993, we’ll either switch
territory or jump forward to 1996

1997 rachau hillclimb – only available cap of this was in french. eurosport stopped covering it in 1999 as far as im aware, and red bull only put clips up as far as i know, so this might be the penultimate one of these – i think there’s a new extreme-E race due shortly though.

Grand Sumo 2018 day 4 – turns out day 3 wasn’t capped properly, hence its missing. anyhow, by next week the new 2024 tourney should be underway, so we’ll be checking that out instead. when it does start i’ll pop a couple of guide videos in beforehand.

international king of sports heat 4 – backwards 200m sprint, the vertical leap, association bobbage, the uphill long jump and international skids. all completely made up and silly. some arse overcooked the volume on this so it will be annoyingly clipped sound wise. sorry