aloha folks, unfortunately im busy this thursday. there’s a BEER FESTIVAL, and a MINT PUNK GIG on. so i’m goint to those instead. look this last few weeks has been a mindfuck. im kind of thankful of it because it’s more than my body’s had in a good while, that aside though, sunday i’ll be back to normal with a sportzdrone, and then back again on the 18th with the paper round/zeppelin.

and if you’re wondering about what’s taking over from the moonbase 3, i’m just going to tell you 3 things about it.
1) its canadian bollocks
2) it has Dan Aykroid presenting each bit
3) someone from Desmondton, and indeed Maljardin is making a return to our screens.

UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN (evil_laughter.wav not found)

I’m afraid there’ll be no Sheepy Show again this week, but at least it’s for a half-decent reason: the dreaded Annual Gas Safety Check is on Thursday afternoon, and we have oodles of cleaning and tidying up to get done by then, lest we get one of those types that like to report you to the Housing Association for having a dirty fork.

I was already pondering giving this week’s stream a miss anyway, and then I was told I was, so there we go. 🙂

Normal service will hopefully be resumed next week.

April is TV Movie Month on the Sepulchre. We kick things off this week with The Hoboken Chicken Emergency (1984). A lad called Arthur is asked to collect a bird for Thanksgiving dinner, and returns home with a gargantuan 266 pound chicken who becomes the family pet. However, she soon escapes into the stinking enclaves of the New Jersey borough, terrorising its homunculoid residents.

4.00 Ninja Warrior S05E02
4.20 St. Elsewhere S02E19 The Women
5.05 Hill Street Blues S03E15 Moon Over Uranus: The Sequel
5.55 Cagney & Lacey S04E19 Two Grand
6.45 Miami Vice S02E20 Payback
7.30 The Hoboken Chicken Emergency (1984)
8.30 The Micallef Programme S02E02
8.55 Daria S03E13 Jane’s Addition
9.20 Wildboyz S04E08
9.40 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S05E04 The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention

Jay Gnasher

Calamity: Jaygn#11

16:00 – Pee-wee’s Playhouse S02E07 – School
The Playhouse Gang comes over and they and Pee-wee play a game of “school” and learn about Christopher Columbus and the Declaration of Independence. King of Cartoons: Pagan Moon (1932)

16:25 – Space Ghost S01E19
Another Dino Boy and Space Ghost sandwich.

16:49 – (NEW) Metalocalypse S1E01 – The Curse of Dethklok
After performing a coffee jingle in the farthest reaches of the Arctic Circle to a sold-out crowd, mega-popular metal ultra-band Dethklok loses their French chef in a freak helicopter-restaurant accident.

17:00 – Ultraman Episode 19 – The Demons Once More
Surprisingly not prompting a showing of the Argento-produced Barberini-starring “Demons”…*
An object that is unearthed at a construction site is initially believed to be a time capsule. Further investigation reveals that it is a prison for two dangerous monsters.

17:26 – M Squad S1E09 – Killer in Town
Frank Ballinger and his colleagues on the M Squad have to find a needle in a haystack: a cop killer somewhere in the city of Chicago.…



Season 2 – Episode 19


Doctor Who

The Brain Of Morbius – Episode 3


Grange Hill

Series 9 – Episode 20


Stressed Eric

Series 1 – Episode 6


Swiss Toni

Series 1 – Episode 2



Series 13 – Episode 02- Bowled Over


The Mighty Boosh

Series 2 – Episode 2


Charlie Brookers Screenwipe

Series 4- Episode 3


Mortimer & Whitehouse – Gone Fishing

Series 2 = Episode 2


Task Master

Series 14 -Episode 05


The In Betweeners

Series 2- Episode 5


House Of Fools

Series 1 –…

right then…

Out of this world has hit a brick wall unfortunately – lack of sources for concurrent episodes. So where do we go cor a crap cheesy sitcom…. OH, CANADA! of course – King of Kensington starts today in it’s place.

Next time when we go back to our two half format, a familliar face returns in a somewhat different guise in the old moonbase 3 slot. i’m saying nothing else yet.

most of the music tonight is australian

After Hours stars at least two PCBH actors. well, at least the camera points at them for a bit.

it should wrap up nicely at around half 12. at which point i’m onna bugger off and watch my local MMA fighter/Wrestler perform on the stage that was basically built for people like him, at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport where The Geordie Judas, Big Lou Nixon is gonna fight some bloke called Erik Hammer. might sneak that fight into a sportzdrone in a couple of weeks.


Winnebago XXIV (03.04.24)


4.00 Adam-12 S01E04 Log 131: Reed, the Dicks Have Their Job and We Have Ours
4.25 CHiPs S01E22 Flashback!
5.15 Barney Miller S02E09 You Dirty Rat
5.40 Night Court S02E09 Inside Harry Stone
6.05 Sanford and Son S02E08 The Puerto Ricans Are Coming!
6.25 The White Shadow S02E05 A Silent Cheer
7.15 M.A.N.T.I.S. S01E22 Ghost of the Ice
8.00 Star Trek: Voyager S02E09 Tattoo
8.45 TekWar S01E16 Skin Deep
9.30 The Outer Limits S01E17 The Message
10.15 Tales from the Darkside S01E13 Anniversary Dinner


Mork & Mindy

Season 2 – Episode 10


The Phil Silvers Show

Season 4 – Episode 25


The Addams Family

Season 1 – Episode 07



Season 5 – Episode 17



Season 6 – Episode 19



Season 3- Episode 04


Malcolm In The Middle

Season 6 – Episode 12


The Muppets

Episode 15


Eastbound And Down

Season 1 –…


13:15 – Sheepy’s opening caption and music.

13:20 – Trailer for Insignificance (1985).

13:21FILM: Adventure in the Hopfields (1954)A Children’s Film Foundation production starring Mandy Miller and directed by John Guillermin. Written by John Cresswell, based on the novel The Hop Dog by Nora Lavrin & Molly Thorp. A little girl accidentally breaks her mother’s favourite ornament and goes hop-picking to replace it. With Hilda Fenemore as her Mother (as in every CFF film ever), and an 18-year-old Melvyn “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum” Hayes, in his fifth-ever role, as a countryside ruffian.

14:17 – It’s a fucking Intermission. Let’s all sing along now.

14:20FILM: Insignificance (1985)a British alternate history drama film directed by Nicolas Roeg. Adapted by Terry Johnson from his 1982 play of the same name, one summer night in New York in 1953, a senator (Tony Curtis), a starlet (Theresa Russell) and her baseball-star husband (Gary Busey) end up in the hotel room of a physics professor (Michael Emil).…

This week Rob Lowe, Ice-T and Burt Reynolds (?!?!?) star in the US/Slovak gangster film Crazy Six (1997). Following the fall of communism, real bad mafia bastards duke it out for control of the lucrative arms trade amidst the dismal shithole nightmare Europe has become.

4.00 Ninja Warrior S05E01
4.20 St. Elsewhere S02E18 Equinox
5.05 Hill Street Blues S03E14 Moon Over Uranus
5.55 Cagney & Lacey S04E18 Lost and Found
6.45 Miami Vice S02E19 The Fix
7.30 Crazy Six (1997)
9.00 The Micallef Programme S02E01
9.25 Daria S03E12 Just Add Water
9.50 Wildboyz S04E07
10.10 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S05E03 The Great Recession