Some Fillums

Jul 23rd, 6:20 PM

Just stuck some films on to fill a gap…

18.20 – A Town Called Panic

19:35 – Spazio: 1999

21:10 – High Impact: Electrical Safety

21:30 – Viewpoint 2 – Real to Reel

21:55 – The Hidden Fortress

More stuff may be added as the night goes on.


Friday Fundown Week 68 29/07/22

Jul 29th, 4:00 PM


Spitting Image

Series 5- Episode 03


Grange Hill

Series 5 – Episode 06



Season 2 Episode 01- Operation S.A.S.


Doctor Who

Carnival Of Monsters Episode 1


Star Trek TNG

Season 6 – Episode 03- Man Of The People


The Kenny Everett TV Show

Series 4 – Episode 4


Smith And Jones

Season 1 – Episode 06


Stewert Lees Comedy Vechicle

Series 1- Episode 06


2 Point 4 Children

Series 2 – Episode 05


Task Master

Series 8 – Episode01


Whoose Line Is It Anyway?

Series 5 – Episode 07


Toast Of London

Series 1- Episode 2


Only Fools And Horses

Series 6 – Episode 3- Chain Gang


OTH Weekly Zeppelin

Jul 21st, 4:00 PM
  • 16:00 – Bobo bo bo bobobo ep69
  • 16:25 – sammy sheepdog ep3
  • 16:30 – ChuckleVision s2 ep4
  • 16:50 – moomins ep21
  • 16:55 – Byker Grove s1 ep2
  • 17:20 – Beavis and Butthead s3 ep25
  • 17:30 – Moral Orel s3 ep12
  • 17:45 – Don’t Log Off s2 ep3
  • 18:10 – I Think I’ve Got A Problem s2 ep4
  • 18:40 – Strange Paradise ep105
  • 19:00 – Jupiter Moon ep101
  • 19:25 – BattleBots s6 ep3
  • 20:50 – australian gladiators s1 ep1 (1995)*
  • 21:40 – The Old Men at the Zoo ep3
  • 22:30 – Prisoner Cell Block H s2 ep69
  • 23:15 – Within These Walls s4 ep13
  • 00:10 – Oddity Archive – “Telecine” Film Transfer

Australian Gladiators – this seems to be from the master videos as illustrated by the pre-tx run in. it also had massive gaps where the adverts were. I was going to fill these with parody adverts, but decided instead to stick some ads in from a different country each week. This week its Fiji, with a guest ad from Samoa (and the parody one from australia from when i filled the first break)

Series 2 of Don’t Log Off and Series 2 of I think i’ve got a problem both finish today. Don’t Log Off starts its 3rd series next week, and we’ll pick up where we left off with Mitch Benn’s Crimes against music next week. Moral Orel is coming to an end shortly. next time i’m in on a saturday we’ll definitely be running a marathon before the main schedule The Old Men At The Zoo has 2 episodes left after tonight – Got the Aphrodite Inheritance lined up next in the miniseries slot. I’ve heard good things about it but never got round to watching it. Return to Eden is scheduled after that, unless something more interesting comes along in the meantime


The Project Week 239, Tuesday 26/07/22

Jul 26th, 4:00 PM


The Monkees

Season 1 – Episode 06 – The Sucess Story


The Phil Silvers Show

Season 2 – Episode 10 – Dobermans Sister


I Love Lucy

Season 5 – Episode 23- Lucy Gets Home In Italy



Season 3 – Episode 22 – The Great Train Robbery


The Muppet Show

Season 3 – Episode 20- Andy Williams



Season 3 – Episode 08-Dianes Meets Mom


Malcolm In The Middle

Season 2 – Episode 15- The Grandparents


The Simpsons

Season 6 – Episode -20- Two Dozen And One Groundhounds


King Of The Hill

Season 12 – Episode 02- Square Peg


South Park

Season 10 – Episode10 -Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy


The Sooty Show

1977 Episode 4


Chronological Harry Enfield

Ruddy Hell Its Harry And Paul- Series 3 Episode 2


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 2 – Episode -02 – Thor


The Office

Season 3- Episode 02- The Convention



Season 6 – Episode 09 – The Secatary


The Larry Sanders Show

Season 3- Episode 01 Montana


Look At Life

Painting People


Sheepy’s Show #12 – Wed 2022/07/20

Jul 20th, 5:57 PM
The burnt Captain Pike in his bleeping electric wheelchair.

17:57 – Sheepy’s opening music.

18:00 – Thames TV morning start-up music.

18:05 – The Tomorrow People S01E10 – The Vanishing Earth (Part 1/4) – The classic 1970s ITV children’s series about a group of teens with paranormal abilities, who use their special gifts to battle evil. This week, the Tomorrow People investigate a series of natural disasters which are threatening the entire planet. Meanwhile, Ginge and Lefty take a day trip to Clacton and encounter a sinister pier attraction.  First broadcast on Mon 9th July 1973 by ITV.

18:27 – Shadows S01E02 – After School – a British supernatural television anthology series produced by Thames Television for ITV between 1975 and 1978. This week, two school boys get locked in their football coach’s office after hours. When they pass time by filling out a class questionnaire, something tries to contact them by making them write identical answers to the questions. First broadcast on Wed 10th Sept 1975 by ITV. With a guest appearance by a pre-Blake’s Seven Gareth Thomas. Also, one of the lads, Rhys Powys, looks incredibly familiar, but his only other IMDb acting credit is for How Green Was My Valley, which I don’t think I saw. I’m pretty sure he was in a big advertising campaign at the time (Birds Eye?), and/or maybe he starred in a PIF. Any ideas?

18:50 – Star Trek (The Original Series) – S01E11 – The Menagerie (Part 1) – This week, Spock abducts his wheelchair-bound former commander Christopher Pike, locks the Enterprise on a course to the forbidden planet Talos IV, and turns himself in for court-martial where he presents an elaborate story explaining his actions. The two-part story was positively received and won a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. First broadcast in the USA on Thu 17th Nov 1966 by NBC.

19:40  …And Mother Makes Three – S02E05 – Once a Year Day – More gentle middle-class Thames sitcom, starring Wendy Craig as the newly-widowed Sally Harrison, doing her best to bring up her two boisterous sons, Simon and Peter. This week, Sally tells Auntie that the boys don’t need reminding about her birthday, a promise from Simon leaves her looking forward to an Italian meal, and talk about going to the cinema leads to a number of rather blatant hints.  First broadcast on Thu 30th Dec 1971 by ITV.

20:03 – Brass – S01E09 – More Granada-made northern-drama-satirising comedy, starring Timothy West. This week, Morris is ashamed at Lady P’s affair with Matt and so decides to shoot himself but instead takes it out on Hesketh, his bear. Bradley and Austin discuss the fate of George and the SBD sugar lumps. Dr McDuff uses a stomach pump to get the SBD out of George and finds lots of strange things that George has been swallowing. First broadcast on Mon 18th Apr 1983 by ITV.

20:29 – Van der Valk – S02E06 – Rich Man, Poor Man – More Thames-made Amsterdam-based crime drama, starring Barry Foster.  This week, an explosion almost kills a worker at a tractor factory, and a poor immigrant barber is bludgeoned to death in a luxury apartment that he shouldn’t have been able to afford. Van der Valk looks for a link between the two apparently unrelated crimes. First broadcast on Wed 3rd Oct 1973 by ITV.

21:19 – Get Lost! E02/04 – The Vicar Did It – A four-part drama by Alan Plater, starring Alun Armstrong as Neville Keaton and Bridget Turner as Judy Threadgold. This week, with some bits of wire and a radio phone-in programme, Judy and Neville find their way to a vicarage with no vicar. First broadcast on Fri 19th June 1981 by ITV.

22:11 – Snub TV S02E04 – This week featuring: • Happy Mondays “Hallelujah” (Live) • Revenge “Seven Reasons” (video) • The Fall: Mark E. Smith interview, “Telephone Thing” (video), “Bill is Dead” (SnubTV video) • Depth Charge “Bounty Killers” (video) • The Sundays “Joy” (video) • Happy Mondays: Shaun Ryder interview, “Wrote For Luck” (Live) Or as the Radio Times inaccurately puts it: “This week’s programme includes exclusive live footage from the recent Happy Mondays shows, plus an interview with singer Shaun Ryder. There are items on the dub dance of Depth Charge, the heavy Germanic beat of KMFDM, and out of New Order, Peter Hook’s new outfit, Revenge. Also, an exclusive performance by the Fall of Bill is Dead from their forthcoming album, plus an interview with Mark E. Smith.” From 1st generation off-air VHS > Panasonic HD recorder > DVD-R > MPEG Streamclip > MPEG4 Video compression: H.264, 352 x 288, deinterlaced Audio compression: AAC, Stereo (L R), 48.000 kHz, 192 kbps First broadcast on Mon 5th Feb 1990 at 6.40pm by BBC2; it skipped a week due to coverage of the Commonwealth Games.

22:39 – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Original Radio Series) – Fit the Twelfth – The fifth and final episode of the then-five-episode second series that went out stripped across a single week in Jan 1980, and the last episode for 24 years. Original Radio Times listing: “Fit the fifth: In which all is resolved, everyone lives happily ever after and pigs fly. First broadcast on Fri 25th Jan 1980 at 10.30pm by BBC Radio 4. This is not the version as originally broadcast, which was completed with just 20 minutes to go before transmission and was biked across London to be spooled up just in time. Instead, it’s the re-edited version that was used for subsequent broadcasts and on the CD. Details of the differences can be found on the excellent – and very hard to find – blog page here:

23:07 – COMMENTARY TRACK VERSION of The Tomorrow People S01E06 – The Medusa Strain (Part 1/4) – More interesting, amusing and sometimes scandalous DVD commentary featuring Nicholas Young (John), Peter Vaughan-Clarke (Stephen) and Philip Gilbert (TIM), moderated by Nicholas Briggs. To recap: this is the classic 1970s ITV children’s series about a group of teens with paranormal abilities, who use their special gifts to battle evil. This week, after floating in space for nearly five-and-a-half centuries, Jedikiah is recovered from space by Count Rabowski, who is already holding prisoner Peter, a young telepath who is one of the Time Guardians. Jedikiah tricks Peter into transporting them to the 20th century so he can get his revenge on the Tomorrow People. Featuring Dave Prowse as an android. First broadcast by ITV on Mon 11th June 1973.  DVD Commentary recorded c. 2002.

Seeing as the schedule seems to be running unexpectedly short this week (most shows are a minute or two shorter than usual, by a bizarre coincidence), here’s some bonus content:

23:32 – SHORT FILM: The Red Balloon (1956)the famous French fantasy comedy-drama featurette written, produced, and directed by Albert Lamorisse, starring his son, Pascal, and also featuring his daughter, Sabine. It follows the adventures of a young boy who one day finds a sentient, mute, red balloon, and was filmed in the Ménilmontant neighbourhood of Paris.

The film won numerous awards, including an Oscar for Lamorisse for writing the Best Original Screenplay in 1956 and the Palme d’Or for short films at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival. It also became popular with children and educators. It is the only short film to win the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

It felt like it was always on TV during my childhood, but in fact I could only have seen it twice. The BBC first showed it on Sun 29th Oct 1961 at 4.40pm, with repeats on Tue 26th Dec 1961 11.22am, Tue 18th Dec 1962 5.05pm, Fri 26th Dec 1969 12.50pm, Wed 27th Aug 1975 6.20pm all on BBC1, and finally Tue 2nd Jan 1992 12:00 on BBC2.

00:06 – Closedown music.

00:10 – Closedown.


the Show #20 – Who Wants To Watch Bollockvision?

Jul 18th, 4:00 PM

Lie down with a cool drink as the Show serves up more semi-regular semi-usual semi-entertainment.

16:00 – Library mix \ Hot production grooves on a hot VHS car journey – to Kidderminster!

16:15 – The Pyramid Game \ More US-to-UK gameshow shovelware, where celebs assist the plebs. Hosted by Nick Frisbee.

16:40 – Bad Influence! \ Continuing the protracted vacillation on whether to save up for a 3DO, a Jaguar, a CD32, or a new lavatory.

17:05 – The Simon Day Show (Radio 4) \ Character comedy – eco-warrior Dave Angel appears at the Mallard Theatre to talk about a-global a-warming.

17:35 – Red Dwarf – The End – The Original Assembly (with commentary) \ The first episode of RD mostly consisted of re-shot scenes to improve it. Here we have episode 1 assembled from the initial recording session, with flat scenes performed to a comatose audience. To make it more jocular, writers Rob Grant and Doug Naylor commentate on it and talk about their struggles in the show’s early days.

18:10 – The Smell Of Reeves And Mortimer \ Another episode of R&M’s first BBC show, in the expanded 35-minute form found on the long-deleted VHS releases.

18:50 – True Spies \ Probing 2002 BBC documentary series. Episode 2 focuses on the UK surveillance deployed against perceived subversion in the 70s and 80s, including enemies of the Thatcher administration.

20:00 – TV Heaven, Telly Hell \ Johnny Vaughan takes Sean Lock through some of his favourite and least favourite TV. Probable moments of laddism but I can’t be arsed to expunge everything just to avoid Mavis Riley style noises.

20:25 – The Thick Of It \ Hour-long special of the ace political comedy. The Rise of the Nutters – power struggles and loyalties boil over in the secretive run-up to the PM’s exit from office.

21:25 – Nicholas Craig – The Naked Actor \ Following on from the first episode shown on Friday’s Late Zone. Nicholas Craig (Nigel Planer) clues up the gen. pub. on how bloody hard it is to be an actor. Marvellous precision satire on acting pomposity.

21:45 – FILM: The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time (2012) \ Pleasant and warm documentary following the people who keep old arcade machines alive, and ruminates on the culture of the classic arcades.

23:10 – CAB TV mix \ To celebrate the 20th the Show, here’s another airing of the mix I made specially for the Show #1 back in May 2020, this time accompanied by a wander around my home town.

00:45 – Closedown

Bonus music and frippery throughout. Thanks to Sheepy for vacating the Monday slot.


Pleasant Phil_A Sunday 17/07/22

Jul 17th, 4:00 PM

16:00 – Dirty Pair

Love Is Everything, Betting Their Lives On Elopement (07/24)

Anime shenanigans.

16:25 – Tom and Jerry

Bad Day At Cat Rock (1964)

Autumn years of once beloved cat & mouse duo.

16:31 – The Crystal Maze

Series 3 (4/12)

Crystal-hunting buffoonery hosted by Richard O’Brien

17:21 – Rising Damp

Stand Up And Be Counted (Season 1, 07/07)

Squalor is at large in tidy suburbia

17:46 – Robin Of Sherwood

The Witch of Elsdon (Season 1, 3/6)

Sherwood shenanigans

18:38 – Space: 1999

Brian The Brain (Season 2, 05/24)

Spooky sci-fi shenanigans (in space)

19:39 – M*A*S*H

Major Topper (Season 6, 24/24)

Comedy set during the Korean War.

20:03 – Ideal

The Future (Series 4, 8/8)

Manchester-based comedy series starring Johnny Vegas as small-time dope dealer Moz.

20:32 – Sherlock Holmes

The Empty House (Series 2, 01/13)

Deduction-based drama

21:22 – Callan

The Carrier (Series 4, 7/13)

Ongoing thriller series

22:14 – Wireless Nights

Lava and Ice (Series 3, Episode 3)

After dark dalliances with Jarvis Cocker

22:42 – The Story Of Pop

Too Old To Rock N’ Roll, Too Young To Die

Alan Freeman continues his epic journey into the world of POP and ROCK

23:43 – Closedown


Project Extra – Friday Fundown Continued 16/07/22

Jul 16th, 6:00 PM

18:00 – Taskmaster – Series 7, Episode 9 _ ‘The pendulum draws the eye.’ 18:45 – WLIIA UK S05E05 19:10 – Only Fools and Horses S06E01 – Yuppy Love 19:55 – Shooting Stars S08E06 Tamzin Outhwaite, Mani 20:25 – Stewart Lee – 2005 – Stand up Comedian


Friday Fundown Week 67 22/07/22

Jul 22nd, 4:00 PM


Spitting Image

Series 5- Episode 02


Grange Hill

Series 5 – Episode 05



Season 1 Episode 13 – To Catch A Tiger


Doctor Who

The Three Doctors Episode 4


Star Trek TNG

Season 6 – Episode 02- Realm Of Fear


The Kenny Everett TV Show

Series 4 – Episode 3


Smith And Jones

Season 1 – Episode 05


Stewert Lees Comedy Vechicle

Series 1- Episode 05


2 Point 4 Children

Series 2 – Episode 04


Task Master

Series 7 – Episode10


Whoose Line Is It Anyway?

Series 5 – Episode 06


Toast Of London

Series 1- Episode 1


Only Fools And Horses

Series 6 – Episode 2- Danger UXD