Sepulchre XXXXVI (12.05.24)

This week’s film, Lurking Fear (1994), purports to be based on the works of HP Lovecraft. The spooky, deprived hamlet of Leffert’s Corners has long been haunted by paranormal beings (not to mention bad acting). When a ne’er-do-well arrives in town to dig up a grave his father hid some money in, all hell breaks loose!

4.00 Ninja Warrior S06E01
4.20 St. Elsewhere S02E21 Rough Cut
5.05 Hill Street Blues S03E17 The Belles of St. Mary’s
5.55 Cagney & Lacey S04E21 Violation
6.45 Miami Vice S02E22 Trust Fund Pirates
7.30 Lurking Fear (1994)
9.15 The Micallef Programme S02E04
9.40 Daria S04E02 Antisocial Climbers
10.00 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S05E06 The World Series Defense

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