Sheepy’s Show #86 Modified Rerun – Mon 2024/03/25


This is due to (a) Wednesday’s show being planned and broadcast at short notice and a couple of our regular viewers couldn’t make it but have confirmed that they can make tonight, and (b) I haven’t had the time to prep the next show anyway, so might as well show something rather than leave the night empty.

The only modification is that Only When I Laugh has been reinstated; I had to omit it on Wednesday as I only finished prepping that day at 17:58!

Given the nature of this stream, I obviously won’t be offended if few people turn up, and there’s every chance I’ll be fairly absent myself.

The next Sheepy Show (#87) will hopefully be on Monday 1st April… which, ooh bugger, means it’ll be a Bank Holiday Special if I can manage that.

17:35 – Sheepy’s opening caption and music.

17:40 – Thames TV morning start-up music.

17:45Only When I Laugh S03E07 – These You Have LovedFiggis takes exception to the anodyne hospital radio run by nurse Victoria Plumtree and, when she accidentally leaves her recording equipment in the ward, spices things up by taping and broadcasting one of Dr Thorpe’s tirades. Having persuaded Victoria to allow him to record his own show he gets Glover and Norman to roam the hospital in search of stories – and gets one when they accidentally stumble upon Victoria’s passionate meeting with Dr Thorpe and allow the whole hospital to hear their emotional outpourings. With Gwen Taylor. First broadcast on Wed 14th Oct 1981 by ITV. Previously shown on CABTV on Sheepy’s Show #49 – Mon 2023/04/24.

18:09You Must Be Joking! S01E07Last in the first series. First broadcast on 16th July 1975 by ITV. No Pauline Quirke this week, as she was away filming the fascinating-sounding-but-sadly-wiped one-off ATV play “Jenny Can’t Work Any Faster”; for this episode she was replaced by Nula Conwell (W.P/D.C. Martella in The Bill from 1984-93, amongst other things).

18:34The Owl Service S01E07HD remaster. First broadcast on Sun 1st Feb 1970 by ITV.

18:58Clangers (New) S01E40 – The PuzzleMajor, Mother, Tiny and Small find a fascinating new planet, but when they start to explore it they get lost inside! First broadcast on Tue 7th June 2016 at 6pm by CBeebies. Clangers does a U-rated version of Cube or, more esoterically, Robert A. Heinlein’s wonderful short story “And He Built a Crooked House…”

19:09Star Trek (TOS) S03E21 – The Cloud MindersKirk and Spock are caught up in a revolution on a planet where intellectuals and artists live on a utopian city in the clouds, while the rest of the population toils in mines on the barren surface below. First broadcast on Fri 28th Feb 1969 by NBC. I hadn’t actually seen this one until last Wednesday, or at least, I didn’t remember it. A bit on the nose, but not at all bad.

20:00Van der Valk S04E03 – A Sudden SilenceIn the third of seven two-hour Inspector Morse style specials, an important government minister goes missing and is found dead in a dingy side street. What happened to him, and why are all his means of identification in another name? First broadcast on Wed 30th Jan 1991 by ITV. With an appearance by Gary “2.4 Children” Olsen as a junior copper! One of the better 90s VdVs, although that’s not saying much.

21:43Tales of the Unexpected S03E06 – Parson’s Pleasure‘Parson’ Cyril Boggis has a method of getting antiques on the cheap – maybe TOO cheap. With John Gielgud and Bernard Miles. First broadcast on Sun 30th Nov 1980 by ITV. I believe THIS is actually the last TotU with an in-vision introduction by Roald Dahl. It also has an interesting and amusing continuity voiceover over the closing credits.

22:10 Keep It In The Family S04E01 – In the Camera Club While Dudley is working hard trying not to do any work, the family home is burgled. Duncan’s brand new camera on loan to Muriel is also taken, but never mind, maybe they can claim it on the insurance. First broadcast on Tue 19th Oct 1982 by ITV.

22:35Eurotrash S10E01First broadcast on 25th Sept 1998 by Channel 4.

22:58Thriller S01E02 – Possessiona British television anthology series, made by ATV for the ITV network and originally broadcast in the UK from 1973 to 1976. As the title suggests, each story is a thriller of some variety, from tales of the supernatural to down-to-earth whodunits. The series was created by Brian Clemens (of The Avengers, The Professionals, and many others fame), who also scripted the majority of the episodes and story-lined every installment. This episode stars John Carson and Joanna Dunham (who played Van der Valk’s wife in the 1977 Euston Films version), with James Cossins and Hilary Hardiman (the missing link between Carole Ann Ford and Joyce Grenfell). First broadcast on Sat 21st Apr 1973 by ITV.

00:05Thriller S01E02 – Alternate USA titlesWhen “Thriller” was exported to the USA, the Americans completely redid the opening and closing titles in a rather trippy manner, sometimes inserting their own newly-shot teasers (using actors shot from a distance or from the neck down!). Here are the ones for this episode.

00:11 – Closedown music.

00:16 – Closedown.

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