Here’s the line-up for this afternoon, folks:

04:00 Spider-Man – The Vanishing Dr Vespasian/The Scourge Of The Scarf (Season 3, Episode 4)

04:20 Tom & Jerry #18 – The Mouse Comes To Dinner

04:27: Knightmare Series 2 Episode 15

04:52: The Owl Service – Episode 5

05:17: Timeslip: The Day Of The Clone – Series 4, Episode 3

05:42: Futurama – I, Roomate (Season 1, Episode 3)

06:04: Johnny Staccato – The Mask Of Jason (Episode 25)

06:30: M*A*S*H – 5 O’Clock Charlies (Season 2, Episode 02)

07:00: Doctor Who Hatewatch Break

08:00: There’s Nothing To Worry About! – Episode 03 (Final Episode)

08:26: X-Files: Miracle Man (Season 1, Episode 18)

09:10: Edge Of Darkness (Episode 4)

10:05: Short films


Funbucket 27 (24.01.20)

Here is this Friday’s schedule. Danger Man said in chat earlier that Ripping Yarns deserves a showing in light of the death of Terry Jones – I have thought of showing it before; I’ve only seen a few of them and always wanted to get round to the whole thing, and this seems like a fitting time to start it. This week’s episode of Electric Dreams features Tim Spall, and the film will be Screamers (1995), which was suggested by Sploff.

4.00 Flouncer’s Music Show

TV Comedy Block
6.00 The Adventures of Pete & Pete – S03E01 35 Hours
6.25 Minder – S03E03 Rembrandt Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
7.15 The Brittas Empire – S04E07 The Chop
7.45 Black Books – S02E03 The Fixer
8.15 Stella Street – S03E08 Fat Wanker
8.25 Ripping Yarns – S01E01 Tomkinson’s Schooldays
8.55 The Adam and Joe Show – S03E01
9.25 Peep Show – S02E05 The Man Show

Philip K. Dick Season, Week 3
10.00 Electric Dreams – Episode 3, The Commuter
10.50 Screamers (1995)

Here’s what’s coming up this afternoon, folks. I’m replaying the first episode of If You See God, Tell Him again after having to abandon it last week due to tech issues.

04:00 Spider-Man – Sky Harbour/The Big Brainwasher (Season 3, Episode 3)

04:20 Tom & Jerry #17 – Mouse Trouble

04:27: Knightmare – Series 2, Episode 14

04:52: The Owl Service – Episode 4

05:17: Timeslip: The Day Of The Clone – Series 4, Episode 2

05:42: Futurama – The Series Has Landed (Season 1, Episode 2)

06:04: Johnny Staccato – An Angry Young Man (Episode 24)

06:30: M*A*S*H – Divided We Stand (Season 2, Episode 01)

07:00: Doctor Who Hatewatch Break

08:00: There’s Nothing To Worry About! – Episode 02

08:26: X-Files: E.B.E (Season 1, Episode 17)

09:10: Edge Of Darkness (Episode 3)

10:05: If You See God, Tell Him (Episode 1 – Second time lucky…)


hogTV #8

8:30 – real.sonic.saturday.mp4

8:35 – Trailers

8:40 – Daffy Duck in Hollywood (1938)
Daffy Duck wreaks havoc on a movie set at Wonder Pictures (“if it’s good, it’s a Wonder”). Daffy’s creative editing impresses producer I. M. Stupendous.

8:50 – The Day of the Jackal (1973)
An underground French paramilitary group is intent on eliminating President Charles de Gaulle (Adrien Cayla-Legrand), but when numerous attempts on his life fail, they resort to hiring the infamous hit man known as “The Jackal” (Edward Fox). As the enigmatic assassin prepares to shoot de Gaulle, he takes out any problematic people along the way. Meanwhile, Lebel (Michel Lonsdale), a savvy Parisian police detective, begins to solve the mystery of the killer’s identity.

11:15 – Let’s Dance! – Universal Screen Magazine, [Vol. 1, Issue 95] (1918)
hogTV exclusive!

11:20 – Big Timber (1935)
Short film which traces the story of the Douglas Fir timber in British Columbia.

11:30 – The Residents – One Minute Movies (1980)
A 1980 short film by The Residents with Graeme Whifler.…



The merriment continues!

8:00 – Intro + Classic Xmas ads

8:05 – The Apartment (1960)
C. C. Baxter, a clerk in an insurance company, lends out his apartment to the executives to carry out their extramarital affairs. However, a spanner is thrown in the works when Baxter falls in love.

10:10 – Scrooge (1922) [w/ custom soundtrack]

10:20 – A Pinky and the Brain Christmas (1995)

10:50 – Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too (1991)

11:15 – Clips & Stuff

11:25 – Bing Crosby’s Merrie Olde Christmas (1977)
A posthumous 1977 Christmas television special starring Bing Crosby and his family with special guests Twiggy, David Bowie, Ron Moody, Stanley Baxter and Trinity Boys Choir. It includes a duet by the unusual pairing of Crosby and Bowie on “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy”.

00:15 – Jackass S01E08 – Christmas Special



9:00 – Intro

9:05 – Of Time and the City (2008) [excerpt] – “Watch and Pray”

9:15 – The Long Day Closes (1992)
Bud is a lonely and quiet child whose moments of solace occur when he sits in rapture at the local cinema, watching towering and iconic figures on the movie screen. The movies give Bud the strength to get through another day as he deals with his oppressive school environment and his burgeoning homosexuality.

10:40 – Nintendo Xmas!
hogTV exclusive

10:45 – Christmas Ads

10:50 – Heart of the Angel (1989)
A documentary made by director/producer Molly Dineen, before the 1992 renovation of the then 100-year-old Angel tube station on the London Underground. It was first screened in BBC2’s 40 Minutes series on 23 November 1989

11:30 – Harry Hill Xmas Special (1999) – Christmas Memory Lane of Laughter
With guest star Frank Skinner

11:55 – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Christmas Special – Alpha’s Magical Christmas (1994)

12:20 – Clips & Stuff



FLOUNCER’S BALLOTBUCKET will commence at 6pm tomorrow. There will be a bit of music and stuff to start us off, then we’ll dive into the election coverage and bring you the results as they come in, right into the early hours. I’ll be talking shite throughout; anyone who wants to speak their brains can call in on Discord. It’s going to be quite a night but we’ll get through it!

6.00pm – Before the results start rolling in, there will be music, comedy, vintage party political broadcasts and other cool footage. Discord chat will be going on between items; Flouncer and Wab will be bringing you breaking news as it happens! If anyone would like to join us on the air, please let me know – everyone is welcome to take part.

9.55pm – Blow by blow overage of the results as they come in, with live footage from various sources. Will Crobbings be victorious, or will Johnson emerge from his fridge with a stonking great majority? Surely the best way to find out is on CaB TV.

6.00 Flouncer’s Music Show
A special edition of the music show accompanied by a full Blackpool tram journey from Fleetwood to Starr Gate, then back to Clevelys.

7.40 BBC Prepetual Motion – The Blackpool Tram
All you’ve ever wanted to know about Blackpool’s historic tram network.

8.15 Dream Town – A Brief Anatomy of Blackpool
1994 BBC documentary with David Thewlis, looking at some of Blackpool’s attractions. Some interesting historic footage, including Jayne Mansfield switching on the illuminations.

8.55 Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Episode 1
Trouble abounds at the Pleasure Beach – there’s a crash on the Avalanche, the Pepsi Max breaks down, and Bradley Beaver is assaulted in the childrens park! Nick Hancock narrates this 1998 series.

9.20 Noisey Blackpool: The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime
Vice send their man Poet out to the seaside town to follow the burgeoning careers of rappers Afghan Dan, Soph Aspin and Little T. What’s behind the beefs? Are the rappers wack? Tune in to find out.

9.50 Peter Kay: Live at the Top of the Tower
Everybody gerrin!…


FUNBUCKET 20 (06.12.2019)

Okay, this is going down today… I might be a bit late starting the music show because I’m really fucking unwell; I’ve been beset by the dreaded lurgi and it’s a big ask just to drag my sorry carcass out of bed. Hoping to get it running soon; I’ll update the thread with a link once I’m up and running.

4.00 Flouncer’s Music Show

TV Comedy Block
6.00 The Adventures of Pete & Pete – S02E07 Farewell, My Little Viking: Part 1
6.25 Rex the Runt – S01E08 The Trials of Wendy
6.35 Minder – S02E09 Diamonds are a Girl’s Worst Enemy
7.25 The Brittas Empire – S04E01 Not a Good Day
7.55 Black Books – S01E02 Manny’s First Day
8.25 Stella Street – S03E01
8.40 Kevin Turvey Investigates… Leisure
8.45 The Adam and Joe Show – S01E04
9.10 Peep Show – S01E04 Mark Makes a Friend

9.40 The Godfather Part III (1990)