Winnebago XXIV (03.04.24)

4.00 Adam-12 S01E04 Log 131: Reed, the Dicks Have Their Job and We Have Ours
4.25 CHiPs S01E22 Flashback!
5.15 Barney Miller S02E09 You Dirty Rat
5.40 Night Court S02E09 Inside Harry Stone
6.05 Sanford and Son S02E08 The Puerto Ricans Are Coming!
6.25 The White Shadow S02E05 A Silent Cheer
7.15 M.A.N.T.I.S. S01E22 Ghost of the Ice
8.00 Star Trek: Voyager S02E09 Tattoo
8.45 TekWar S01E16 Skin Deep
9.30 The Outer Limits S01E17 The Message
10.15 Tales from the Darkside S01E13 Anniversary Dinner

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