Winnebago XXV (10.04.24)


5.00 Adam-12 S01E05 Log 91: You’re Not the First Guy’s Had the Problem
5.25 CHiPs S02E01 Peaks and Valleys
6.15 Barney Miller S02E10 Horse Thief
6.40 Night Court S02E10 The Blizzard
7.05 Sanford and Son S02E09 The Shootout
7.25 The White Shadow S02E06 No Place Like Home
8.15 Star Trek: Voyager S02E10 Cold Fire
9.00 TekWar S01E17 Redemption
9.45 The Outer Limits S01E18 I, Robot
10.30 Tales from the Darkside S01E14 Snip, Snip

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