Winnebago XXVI (17.04.24)

5.00 Adam-12 S01E06 Log 161 And You Want Me to Get Married!
5.25 CHiPs S02E02 The Volunteers
6.15 Barney Miller S02E11 Rain
6.40 Night Court S02E11 Take My Wife, Please
7.05 Sanford and Son S02E10 Blood is Thicker Than Junk
7.25 The White Shadow S02E07 Globetrotters
8.15 Star Trek: Voyager S02E11 Maneuvers
9.00 TekWar S01E18 Betrayal
9.45 The Outer Limits S01E19 If These Walls Could Talk
10.30 Tales from the Darkside S01E15 Answer Me

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