Jay Gnasher

Calamity! #15

Join us on Saturday to see George Segal and Elliott Gould risk it all in Reno, the continuation of Counterpart, and more!

16:00 – Pee-wee’s Playhouse S03E01 – Reba Eats and Pterri Runs

16:27 – The Boy With Two Heads Episode 4 – The Magic Football

16:44 – Metalocalypse S01E05 – Murdering Outside the Box

16:56 – Ultraman Episode 23- My Home Is Earth

17:21 – M Squad S01E13 – Family Portrait

17:46 – F Troop S01E11 – A Gift from the Chief

18:15 – Mannix S01E12 – Turn Every Stone

19:05 – Stingray Episode 13 – Echoes
A sculptor that Ray helped in the past is once again being stalked, apparently by the very same man who is supposed to be dead. With Samatha Eggar (S2E6 The Saint; Marie Picard, TNG; Whale, Metalocalypse S4 amongst many others- quite the long and broad résumé!).

19:50 – Portlandia S03E01 – Winter in Portlandia
Bohemian couple Peter and Nance struggle to keep off winter weight, putting Peter into pasta withdrawal. Candace’s son visits the feminist bookstore during the holidays. Artisan curators Bryce and Lisa offer a winter vacation at their newly opened Outlet Hotel. A basement recording studio outfitted with gear from Pet Sounds.

20:13 – California Split (1974)
When a casual gambler (George Segal) befriends a professional one (Elliott Gould), he begins to mirror his life, sending both deeper into the sleazy gambling world where the stakes keep getting bigger. Directed by Robert Altman and co-starring Ann Prentiss (Paula’s younger sister, turns up next week to replace her in the late block) and Bert Remsen (corrupt cop Breen, Brewster McCloud).

22:03 – Counterpart S01E02 – Birds of a Feather
Howard must work together with his counterpart. Baldwin comes face to face with her past. Emily, from the other side, tries to make sense of her orders. What’ll they do!?

23:00 – Duckman S02E02 – Married Alive
When a billionaire media magnate asks Bernice to marry him, Duckman suspects he’s either crazy … or up to no good.

23:22 – The Venture Bros. S4E12 – Everybody Comes to Hank’s
Hank solves a mystery and learns more than he, or anyone else, ever wanted to learn about his friend Dermot’s past.

23:43 – The Venture Bros. S4E13 – Bright Lights, Dean City
Dean goes to NYC to intern under Professor Impossible, albeit as a secretary. Will Richard’s “new commitments” put Dean in peril… or just himself? Will Rusty get to see The Music Man on Broadway?
Featuring Nathan Fillion (Cap’n Mal Reynolds) as definitely-not-Spiderman.

00:07 – Space Ghost Coast to Coast S3E06 – Boo!
Space Ghost turns to experts for advice on supernatural phenomena such as the disappearance of his phantom cruiser keys.

00:18 – He & She Episode 26 – What’s in the Kitty?
The Hollisters’ dinner party is jeopardized by a mouse, a sick cat and a poison scare. With Harold Gould and Alice Ghostley (whose credits are sufficiently numerous, it’s easier to figure out what she hasn’t been in than has).

00:41 – The Ray Bradbury Theater S04E02 – A Miracle Of Rare Device
Two drifters sell views to a desert mirage, a mirage that provides miraculous views, but a rival tries to buy the land and shut them down.

01:05 – Brian & Roger S01E02 – Date
Roger has a date but first he needs to borrow some clothes and shoes from Brian.

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