Sheepy’s Show #91 – Thu 2024/05/09

Since nobody else seems to be filling in for OTHTV tonight, I thought I’d put on my show from this Monday, that got postponed due to Flouncer’s wonderful snooker commentary. 🙂

My next show will (hopefully) be on next Monday as usual.

17:35 – Sheepy’s opening caption and music.

17:40 – Thames TV morning start-up music.

17:45Only When I Laugh – S04E04 – In Sickness & in Health – This week, Norman is to marry the dull and plain Deirdre, rather than Jenny, and is most reluctant. Glover decides to flatter Deirdre in order that she might blossom but rather overdoes it so that she transforms into a glamorous, confident woman with no need for Norman. Dr Thorpe brings his marriage guidance counsellor wife in to speak to Deirdre but, having heard her speak glowingly of her encounter with an older man, gets the wrong idea… First broadcast on Thu 25th Nov 1982 by ITV. Previously shown on CABTV on Sheepy’s Show #54 – Mon 2023/05/29.

18:10You Must Be Joking! S02E05Yet more dodgy mid-70s japery from the kids. First broadcast on Fri 21st May 1976 by ITV.

18:35The Doombolt Chase E04/06 – Alarm at Gareth’s Peaka naval-themed British science fiction/action television series aimed at a teenage audience, written by Don Houghton, whose writing credits include DW: Inferno, DW: The Mind of Evil, Dracula A.D. 1972, and half of Sapphire & Steel Assignment Five (“Doctor McDee Must Die”). It stars Peter Vaughan, Frederick Jaeger, Donald Burton and Ewen Solon, with appearances by John Woodnutt and Simon MacCorkindale. This week, Richard, Lucy and Peter escape with the Doombolt secret that will clear Commander Wheeler’s name. But before they can deliver it, an unexpected encounter leads them up into the wild Brecon mountains. First broadcast on Sun 2nd Apr 1978 by ITV.

18:59Clangers (New) S01E45 – Calm in the CavesTiny Clanger and Small Clanger discover the froglets sitting abnormally silent and calm in their cave in front of three glowing stones.. First broadcast on Tue 14th June 2016 at 6pm by CBeebies.

19:10UFO S01E02(P05) – Exposeda 1970 British science fiction television series about the covert efforts of an international defence organisation (under the auspices of the United Nations) to prevent an alien invasion of Earth. It was created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson with Reg Hill, and produced by the Andersons and Lew Grade’s Century 21 for Grade’s ITC Entertainment company. It stars Ed Bishop as Commander Ed Straker, with George Sewell as his second-in-command Colonel Alec Freeman (later replaced by Wanda Ventham as Colonel Virginia Lake, although she appears in this first episode in an entirely different role). Also appearing in the series are Michael Billington as Colonel Paul Foster, Gabrielle Drake as Lieutenant Gay Ellis, and even Steven Berkoff in four episodes as an Interceptor pilot! The series is presented here in a fresh new HD Blu-Ray rip.

This week, Colonel Paul Foster is a test pilot whose aircraft is accidentally caught up in a battle between an Unidentified Flying Object and a SHADO rocket. Foster’s plane is shot down and his co-pilot is killed. When he comes round in hospital nobody will believe his fanciful story of what he saw. Until he is made an offer that he cannot refuse, namely an invitation to join SHADO and donate his skills or, quite simply, death. First broadcast on Wed 23rd Sep 1970 at 8pm by ITV in the ATV region. After much agonising about running orders, I’ve decided to show them in what Wikipedia refers to as the “ITC” order… no, not the ATV order, but what Wiki lists as the VHS tape order: the reason being that on the UFO Extras Blu-Ray disc, there’s a PDF of the official memo that ITC sent to TV stations listing the episodes, and that’s the order I’m going to use, especially as it emphasises in a separate note that “Exposed” should be shown second. I’m still not convinced that I shouldn’t show them in the Fanderson order (which is pretty much Production order, tweaked for continuity), but hey-ho.

20:00NEW!Armchair Cinema S01E02 – Regan The feature-length backdoor pilot for The Sweeney, a full run of which starts next week. A Flying Squad officer is led a merry dance by gangsters from a London pub and, although he survives a brutal beating, he subsequently dies. Enter John Thaw’s vengeful and unconventional copper Jack Regan... First broadcast on Tue 4th June 1974 by ITV. Aside from the usual trio of John Thaw, Dennis Waterman and Garfield Morgan, this episode also features David Daker, Maureen Lipman, Janet Key, Morris “Moxon” Perry, Stephen Yardley, Barry Jackson and Don Henderson. With thanks to Flouncer for the file. 🙂

21:20Tales of the Unexpected S04E02 – Vicious CircleYoung yob Rex Tobin gets caught in the act. Will he ‘go straight’ or will he get his comeuppance? First broadcast on Sun 12th Apr 1981 by ITV. Starring Siobhan McKenna, who was also the sinister landlady in S01E05.

21:46 Keep It In The Family S04E06 – Alien FriendsMuriel fears the worst when Dudley sets a camera up in their bedroom. First broadcast on Tue 23rd Nov 1982 by ITV.

22:10Eurotrash S10E06The legendary late-night magazine show starring Antoine de Caunes, exploring unusual and bizarre topics from Europe and around the world. This week, we have Los Del Sol, Look at Lolo: Lolo Pushes a Trolley, Sit On Me, Miss Travestie, EuroTrans Beauty Pageant, Jane D, Angy Burri, The Wolfer, Uwe Ommer, Other World Kingdom, Mr President. First broadcast on Fri 30th Oct 1998 by Channel 4.

22:34Thriller S01E07 – A Place to Diea British television anthology series, made by ATV for the ITV network and originally broadcast in the UK from 1973 to 1976. As the title suggests, each story is a thriller of some variety, from tales of the supernatural to down-to-earth whodunits. The series was created by Brian Clemens (of The Avengers, The Professionals, and many others fame), who also scripted the majority of the episodes and story-lined every installment. This week, Dr. Bruce Nelson takes over the medical practice of a village’s general practitioner. Upon arriving in their new home, the doctor and his wife, Tessa, receive a very warm welcome from all the villagers. Tessa is at first flattered by the villagers’ constant fawning and gifts, but soon becomes wary of their strange ways, and begins to suspect there is something evil in the village. This episode stars Bryan Marshall (Rooms, Warship, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Frighteners: The Manipulators), Alexandra Hay, John Turner, Glynn Edwards (Dave the Barman in Minder, Jack Crawford in The Paper Lads, and many more), with appearances by Arnold “Dad’s Army” Ridley and Harold “Young Mr. Grace” Bennett. First broadcast on Sat 26th May 1973 by ITV.

23:42Thriller S01E07 – Alternate USA titlesWhen “Thriller” was exported to the USA, the Americans completely redid the opening and closing titles in a rather trippy manner, sometimes inserting their own newly-shot teasers (using actors shot from a distance or from the neck down!). Here are the ones for this episode.

23:48 – Closedown music.

23:53 – Closedown.

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