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Calamity: JayGn #10: E-Stir

Hey guys! A slight change to this bank holiday weekend’s schedule with the usual guff sandwiching three films: join us as “The Ruling Class” ruin our afternoon; popcorn classic “Oh, God!” fouls our teatime; and “The Brother From Another Planet” pops over to improve our evening.

The fun starts at 3pm.

15:00 – Pee-wee’s Playhouse S02E06 – Tons Of Fun
Today, Pee-wee lip-synchs to an old record, the Playhouse gang visit and they have a dance contest. Cowboy Curtis drops by with his guitar and sings a song to the Flowers. Miss Yvonne teaches everyone to clog dance, and Cowboy Curtis shows them how to make “Ice Cream Cake Pudding.” And on other days it just rains. Indeed, do many things come to pass.

15:25 – The Ruling Class (1972)
A member of the House of Lords dies, leaving his estate to his son. Unfortunately, his son thinks he is Jesus Christ. Their other, somewhat more respectable family members plot to steal the estate from him; murder and mayhem ensue. Starring Peter O’Toole, Alastair Sim, Arthur Lowe, and Coral Browne.

18:00 – Ultraman Episode 18 The Brother From Another Planet
The first of today’s brothers from another’s planets. When a toxic fog falls over Tokyo and starts affecting the people the SSSP goes to investigate.

18:25 – Oh, God! (1977)
Oh, God! is a 1977 movie starring George Burns and John Denver. It is widely regarded as one of the biggest popcorn classics of the 1970s. It was filmed in a variety of interesting locations around the United States city of Los Angeles. Many of these can be viewed via Gregg Turkington’s acclaimed On Cinema On Location segment.
(Based on the 1971 novel of the same name by Avery Corman, the film was directed by Carl Reiner from a screenplay written by Larry Gelbart. The story centers on unassuming supermarket manager Jerry Landers (Denver), who is chosen by God (Burns) to spread his message, despite skepticism of the media, religious authorities, and his own wife (Teri Garr). The film spawned two sequels…)

“When you’ve got movies like George Burns in them, you can’t lose!”

20:05 – Portlandia S02E05 – Cops Redesign
The mayor of Portland asks Fred and Carrie for their help to give the police force a much-needed makeover.

20:30 – The Brother From Another Planet (1984)

John Sayles directs while Joe Morton wordlessly stars in this low-budget sci-fi film. A mute alien with the appearance of a black human is chased by outer-space bounty hunters through the streets of Harlem.

22:20 – Rubicon S01E10 – In Whom We Trust
Will secretly reaches out to Katherine and uncovers Hadas’s last project; Tanya is sent to rehab; Ingram grows more suspicious of Truxton.

23:05 – Duckman S01E10 – Cellar Beware
Duckman purchases an expensive home protection system. Featuring the voice of John “Gomez Addams” Astin.

23:35 – The Venture Bros. S04E01 – Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel
Following the explosive events of the season finale, the family must face a new challenge – (Danger 5 voice) Kill Hitler!

00:00 – Space Ghost Coast To Coast S02E09 Urges
Space Ghost interviews Catherine Bach and Matthew Sweet. Zorak tries to get a mate.

00:15 – He & She Episode 21 Along Came Kim
Dick and Paula’s Korean foster son comes for a visit, but he confuses Harry for his foster father, leading to havoc.

00:40 – The Alfred Hitchcock Hour S03E10 – Memo from Purgatory
Written by Harlan Ellison and starring James Caan with Walter Koenig and based on Ellison’s account of his experience with juvenile gangs when he joined one to research them for his first novel, Web of the City. Author Jay Shaw decides to write a book about a juvenile street gang and researches his subject by joining The Barons gang in Brooklyn. Although this is the same gang Ellison joined to research Web of the City, the events of the episode were fictionalized. (wiki)

01:25 – Getting On with James Urbaniak Ep. 21 “Restraint” by Joseph Scrimshaw
In this repeat from Halloween, James tries to be a better man and a lesser lycanthrope.

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  1. Ambient_Sheep 1.Ambient_Sheep

    I’ve not seen the other two films, but Oh God! is a stone-cold classic. 🙂 Highly recommended for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

    Fond memories of watching it with my parents. Thought I was around 10-14 or so and it was a teatime showing, but Genome says first BBC showing was 27th Dec 1983 10.20pm (I’d’ve been 19 by then). I suspect I actually saw it on ITV (I do have vague memories of ad-breaks) much earlier than that.

    I actually thought of it for the first time in years while watching last week’s In God We Tru$t. 🙂

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