OTH Paper Round / Zeppelin

now then… moonbase 3 is coming to an end this week. I happen to be off next thursday so there’ll be no audiobreak, instead, a rare filum screening – Moon Two Zero. it’s ridiculous. trust me.

the week after, i’m probably going to start Jason King in that slot – my first watching of the first episode in the evening of odd last week and its kind of grabbed me. that is of course unless i find something else ridiculous and space related. after 3 years of Strange Paradise, i don’t think i’m ready to do Dark Souls, i don’t fancy doing much long term at the moment apart from priz, because of everything being up in the air.

speaking of Priz – there’s an absence of extra this week, because i’ve got a few half hour ones lined up, it makes more sense to wait until mondo maniacs finishes tonight to add anything else in.

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