Evening of Odd redux

aloha folks – on stand in duties tonight, and that means only one thing… its time to get odd…

  • 1700 – Holmes & Yoyo
    more bollocks involving the shit cop and his hilarious robot partner.
  • 1730 – Automan
    yes. the thing where the bloke changes into a car or something
  • 1840 – Bigfoot and Wildboy
    more insanity by way of the denizens of the wilderness
  • 1905 – a double bill of 70s spacebollocks
    the pilots of something called “quark” and “the lost saucer”
  • 1955 – Film Time: R.O.T.O.R.
    apparently some kind of proto robocop with sod all budget. looked ridiculously odd.

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