Sheepy’s Show #88 – Mon 2024/04/15

17:35 – Sheepy’s opening caption and music.

17:40 – Thames TV morning start-up music.

17:45Only When I Laugh – S04E01 – Blood Brothers – This week, illness strikes Archie Glover, and Dr Thorpe insists he have a blood transfusion, but knowing who the donor is makes the invalid feel even more poorly. First broadcast on Thu 4th Nov 1982 by ITV. Previously shown on CABTV on Sheepy’s Show #51 – Mon 2023/05/08.

18:10You Must Be Joking! S02E02More japery from the kids. First broadcast on Fri 30th April 1976 by ITV.

18:35NEW!The Doombolt Chase E01/06 – Court of Shamea naval-themed British science fiction/action television series aimed at a teenage audience, written by Don Houghton, whose writing credits include DW: Inferno, DW: The Mind of Evil, Dracula A.D. 1972, and half of Sapphire & Steel Assignment Five (“Doctor McDee Must Die”). It stars Peter Vaughan, Frederick Jaeger, Donald Burton and Ewen Solon, with appearances by John Woodnutt and Simon MacCorkindale. When Commander David Wheeler is arrested for a seemingly motiveless attack on a mysterious vessel, his son Richard, along with two friends, embarks on a search for the top-secret information that might clear his name. First broadcast on Sun 12th Mar 1978 by ITV.

18:59Clangers (New) S01E42 – Hide and SeekBaby Soup Dragon races Tiny and Small around the planet but a Froglet spots him cheating. First broadcast on Thu 9th June 2016 at 6pm by CBeebies.

19:10Star Trek (The Original Series) S03E23 – All Our YesterdaysWhen Kirk, Spock and McCoy investigate the disappearance of a doomed planet’s population, they find themselves trapped in different periods of that world’s past. First broadcast on Fri 14th Mar 1969 by NBC. Another episode directed by Marvin J. Chomsky – Noam’s cousin. Also notable in that it’s the only episode to show just three regular members of the crew, although James Doohan has some voice-over lines. Finally, although it’s the penultimate episode of the whole series, according to the stardate, this episode is chronologically the last of the series, even though its production number and air date are earlier than Turnabout Intruder. This is therefore the last in-universe voyage of the USS Enterprise in the original series.

20:00Van der Valk S05E01 – The Ties That BindIn the fifth of seven two-hour Inspector Morse style specials, a former judge is shot dead and Van der Valk is brought in to solve the case. A suspect is apprehended, but confesses that someone else got to the the woman first. What is the connection between the judge’s killing and a drug case Wim is investigating? First broadcast on Wed 5th Feb 1992 by ITV. With Brian Cox, Malcolm Tierney, Terence Rigby and Anthony Valentine.

21:43Tales of the Unexpected S03E08 – I’ll Be Seeing YouUnhappily married Roland needs to finance eye surgery for his girlfriend but what benefit would his wife see in it? First broadcast on Sun 14th Dec 1980 by ITV. Starring Anthony Valentine (again!), Hilary Tindall, and Amanda Redman.

22:10 Keep It In The Family S04E03 – Job ReferencesMuriel decides that it is time for her to return to work. This means leaving Dudley to fend for himself doing anything but his work, such as fusing the lights. First broadcast on Tue 2nd Nov 1982 by ITV.

22:35Eurotrash S10E03The legendary late-night magazine show starring Antoine de Caunes, exploring unusual and bizarre topics from Europe and around the world. This week, we have German Bears, Eat On Me, Victoria Silvstedt, Casanova, 2Be3, Luca Damiano, Sex Appeal. First broadcast on 9th Oct 1998 by Channel 4.

22:58Thriller S01E04 – An Echo of Theresa (USA title: Anatomy of Terror)a British television anthology series, made by ATV for the ITV network and originally broadcast in the UK from 1973 to 1976. As the title suggests, each story is a thriller of some variety, from tales of the supernatural to down-to-earth whodunits. The series was created by Brian Clemens (of The Avengers, The Professionals, and many others fame), who also scripted the majority of the episodes and story-lined every installment. This week, an American visiting London becomes confused about the facts of his life, particularly those related to a mysterious Theresa. This episode stars Polly Bergen, Paul Burke and Dinsdale Landen. First broadcast on Sat 5th May 1973 by ITV.

00:06Thriller S01E04 – Alternate USA titlesWhen “Thriller” was exported to the USA, the Americans completely redid the opening and closing titles in a rather trippy manner, sometimes inserting their own newly-shot teasers (using actors shot from a distance or from the neck down!). Here are the ones for this episode.

00:13 – Closedown music.

00:17 – Closedown.

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