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on a break next weekend, luckily its the last bit of Extreme-E for now.

1200: 3 Cushion Billiards
frames 11 and 12 of Jaspers vs Costa vs Ceulamans in round 1 of last years Kozoom challenge cup

1300ish: USWA 1993
It’s August in this timeline, and the USWA/WWF rivalry is heating up. The first appearance of Vince McMahon protraying the evil owner means we’re getting to the juicy bit. Vince was basically trialling his (on screen) “utter bastard” character that became a thing in the mid to late 90s. obviously since starting to show these with a view to pointing out this anomoly for historical interest/amusement, it’s come to light that he was actually a complete bastard for most of the time he was off screen.

somewhere about 1400: Extreme-E Saudi Arabia round 2
This has been a great watch so far, for the uninitiated, electric/hydrogen powered rallycross with a minidoc about the local ecological terrain and matters environmental.

should finish about 15:45 ready for Sepulchre

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