Sepulchre XXXXIII (25.03.24)

This week Rob Lowe, Ice-T and Burt Reynolds (?!?!?) star in the US/Slovak gangster film Crazy Six (1997). Following the fall of communism, real bad mafia bastards duke it out for control of the lucrative arms trade amidst the dismal shithole nightmare Europe has become.

4.00 Ninja Warrior S05E01
4.20 St. Elsewhere S02E18 Equinox
5.05 Hill Street Blues S03E14 Moon Over Uranus
5.55 Cagney & Lacey S04E18 Lost and Found
6.45 Miami Vice S02E19 The Fix
7.30 Crazy Six (1997)
9.00 The Micallef Programme S02E01
9.25 Daria S03E12 Just Add Water
9.50 Wildboyz S04E07
10.10 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S05E03 The Great Recession

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