Sheepy Fill-In Stream #19 – Thu 2022/08/04

Aug 4th, 6:00 PM

Join me for my usual first-Thursday-of-the-month OTH-Replacement stream.

Apologies for the minimalistic listing (although I’m sure that will be a relief to some of you!), but that’s what happens when the time you have earmarked for prep is suddenly and unexpectedly taken away from you. 🙂

18:00 – Sheepy’s opening music.

18:03 – ATV morning start-up music (re-creation).

18:10The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe E02/13

18:35The Tyrant King E01/06

19:00The Sixties E04/10 – The War in Vietnam

19:41 Chemistry – A Volatile History E01/03 – Discovering the Elements

20:39The Day The Universe Changed E06/10 – Credit Where It’s Due

21:30Sheepy’s Unwatched FILM Project #11: Twelve Monkeys (1995)

23:34The Hamster Factor and Other Tales of Twelve MonkeysA “making of” featurette from the DVD.

01:01 – Closedown music.

01:06 – Closedown.

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