Winnebago XXIII (27.03.24)

4.00 Adam-12 S01E03 Log 011 It’s Just A Little Dent, Isn’t It
4.25 CHiPs S01E21 Crack-Up
5.15 Barney Miller S02E08 Discovery
5.40 Night Court S02E08 Harry and the Madam
6.05 Sanford and Son S02E07 Have Gun, Will Sell
6.25 The White Shadow S02E04 Sudden Death
7.15 M.A.N.T.I.S. S01E21 Ancestral Evil
8.00 Star Trek: Voyager S02E08 Persistence of Vision
8.45 TekWar S01E15 The Gate
9.30 The Outer Limits S01E16 Caught in the Act
10.15 Tales from the Darkside S01E12 In the Cards

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